Matthew Sadler for Collegedale Commission

Matthew Sadler is a candidate for the Collegedale City Commission in 2020.

His priorities include a focus on financial issues, promoting transparency in government, and treating Collegedale's citizens with the respect they deserve.

About Matthew

A native and lifelong resident of Hamilton County, Matthew and his wife Tonya have been Collegedale residents since 2015. A graduate of the McCallie School, he holds a B.S. in Information Technology from Western Governors University.

For nearly a decade, Matthew has been employed by the City of Chattanooga as a Radio Network Analyst, supporting public safety wireless communications in 14 counties throughout the Tennessee Valley.


Financial Management

In the past four years, Collegedale has consistently overspent its budget. For the 2019-2020 budget year, the city was $945,600 over budget - this after the city manager argued for, and the commissioners approved, a significant tax increase. Our current commissioners have put forth little effort to keep spending under control - and we've paid the price.


Finance reports are distributed to the commissioners, but not posted online with the minutes. The Commission isn't involved in the preparation of the budget, only with receiving the final draft on a timeline that leaves no time for revisions. Health insurance for city employees was changed by the city manager with no input or discussion by the Commission. Our Commission must be more involved and informed - and our citizens should be, too.


The lack of respect shown to citizens during the last two budget hearings was truly disappointing. Citizens were interrupted by the City Manager, and their questions went unanswered. During the special called meeting on June 29, the lights weren't even turned on in the area where the public was seated. Not only is this treatment of city taxpayers unexcusable, but the Commission's failure to remedy these problems is even more galling.

Why Matthew?

Collegedale is a great place to live, to raise a family, to retire. I truly believe that. Our city is home to a broad range of employers, a number of public and private school options, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. But we're at a critical point where decisions made over the next four years could have serious impacts on the future of our city.

With a tax rate lower than Chattanooga, and the advantage of a smaller, and in theory, more responsive government, Collegedale should be the municipality of choice on the eastern side of Hamilton County. Yet we see considerable commercial development just outside our borders.

In Commission meetings, far too often topics are presented with little more than the caption from the agenda being read, and then unanimously approved, without discussion. Too often, our commissioners act disinterested, often eager only to offer a motion to adjourn.

It's time for a change. Our city needs commissioners who are engaged, ready to discuss the issues our city faces, and offer up innovative solutions. You, the taxpayers and residents, deserve better. Our city employees deserve better. Collegedale deserves better. On November 3, 2020, I ask for your vote, and thank you for your support.

See the City's Credit Card Statements

You not only deserve to be able to review the spending of our city employees, but you have the right, under the Tennessee Public Records Act (TCA § 10-7-503). This law, along with the Tennessee Open Meetings Act, are crucial in ensuring that government actions and decisions are made not behind closed doors, but in the public and subject to the scrutiny of the citizens. I feel that you, the voters, can decide for yourselves if our tax dollars are being spent wisely by reviewing these statements yourself.

Disclaimer: These statements are as they were provided to me by the city, except for the following changes: I have split them into separate files by month; where pages were out of order, I have put them into correct order; and pursuant to TCA § 10-7-504(a)(19), I have redacted the credit card account numbers shown on the statements (the city did not do this on the copies I was provided, but I have done so in the interest of fraud prevention).

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